Scheduled Course Effective Presenting in English

Extended course text
Scientific and technical presentations in English

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Extende/ Durationext
2 days

Verantwortlich / Responsible
Elisabeth Gillich

Gebühr (aktuelles Jahr) / Fee (current year)
895,00 EUR

Extended cours/ Description
Presentations are an important part of any professional job. Today
nearly everybody has to deliver a presentation from time to time. Your
audience only has the chance to hear your talk and can't "re-read" when
they get confused. Thus, it does not matter what you say in your talk,
it is how they understood it.

The goal of this course is to help you present your work more
effectively and to make you feel more confident and relaxed when making
those presentations in English. You should know how to combine language
and communication skills to get your message across clearly. You should
be aware of different ways of influencing and making an impact on your

Personal feedback from the trainer will help you focus on your strengths
and enable you to make the most of your personal talents and qualities.

Business event co/ Training contents
By the end of the course

- you will be able to make highly effective presentations whatever the
subject is
- you will gain more confidence when presenting to an international
audience in English
- You will learn how to apply seven key factors in making successful
- The intercultural aspects of presentations will be referred to and
covered in a natural, practical way as participants come from different
countries with different cultures
- You will get personal feedback from a highly experienced trainer.

Extended c/ Notesext
The course is designed for scientists and engineers but also suitable to
all professionals who have to deliver presentations to various
audiences. The focus will be on technical/scientific presentations but
many of the ideas are applicable to any business presentation.

The course is highly participative and limited to 12 participants in
order to ensure high quality standard.

Extended cours/ Keywords
Presenting in English

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