Scheduled Course KIT - Introduction for New Staff Members

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KIT - An Introduction for New Staff Members

Kürzel / Code

Extende/ Durationext
The course takes place on 2 days:
First day on Campus North from 09:00 am to 03:00 pm.
Second morning on Campus South from 09:00 am to 01:00 pm.

Verantwortlich / Responsible
Torsten Neck

Gebühr (aktuelles Jahr) / Fee (current year)
325,00 EUR

Extended cours/ Description
FREE PARTICIPATION: The course fee for KIT staff is paid centrally.
The Karlsruhe Institute of Technology combines the missions of a
university of the state of Baden-Wuerttemberg with teaching and research
tasks and a national research center of the Helmholtz Association
conducting program-oriented research on behalf of the Federal Republic
of Germany. Within these missions, KIT operates along the three
strategic fields: research, teaching, and innovation.
This course gives new members of staff an overview of the structures,
programmes, tasks, and the organization of the KIT. After an
introduction, the divisions of the KIT are presenting their organization
and a walk around an information marketplace will offer the opportunity
to get into conversation with the members of the divisions about the
KIT, its tasks and processes and other interesting questions of the
attendees. On the second day, the participants attend workshops where
they get a methodological equipment for the planning of their own
scientific or professional future. Both days finish with a guided visit
of interesting research projects and locations on campus north (day 1)
and campus south (day 2).

Business event co/ Training contents
The following topics will be covered:

- Research and development in KIT
- Research, teaching, innovation
- Management of research
- Management of innovations
- International Affairs
- KIT-Library
- Personnel – Service, Development and vocational training
- Further education and training
- Equal opportunities and compatibility of occupation and family
- Occupational Safety
- Medical Services
- Staff Council
- Relationship Management
- Promotion of young researchers.

Extended c/ Notesext
All new employees will be invited to join this event.

Extended cours/ Keywords
KIT; new staff, introduction

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